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Forever Flex™ Lining System
Forever Armor Rigid

We are the leader in chimney relining technology and we are proud to offer Forever Flex™ Chimney Lining Systems, the highest quality chimney liners and lining systems available today, with the exclusive Forever Warranty™. Don't settle for less. Ask for Forever Flex™, the chimney lining system with the Forever Warranty™.

Air & Water Tight

Locks moisture and flue gases in your chimney and keeps them from leaking into your home.

Stainless Steel

Forever Flex™ certified stainless steel liners protect against hostile acids and creosote which break down masonry chimneys and corrode lesser alloys of stainless steel very quickly. These durable lining systems protect the structure of your home from moisture damage and the very real potential of carbon monoxide poisoning. They are UL-listed to handle chimney fires, containing them within the liner, protecting the home from major fires stemming from very severe chimney fires. Forever Flex™ is made from 316 Ti or AL29-4C stainless steel.

  • 316 Ti – a unique alloy designed to resist acids in the flue and the extreme stresses of hot and cold cycles. Can be used with solid fuels (wood, coal and pellet), gas and oil. It can withstand multiple heating cycles up to 2100 degrees.
  • Al 29-4C – a distinctive alloy intended especially for high-efficient gas and high-efficient oil appliances. The flue gases from these appliances are cooler and create exceptionally high amounts of moisture which in turn promotes formation of an especially corrosive acid.

EverGuard Chimney Lining Systems are WARRANTEED FOREVER!
If you sell your home, this warranty is transferable to the new home buyer.
No comparable chimney lining systems have such a warranty!
Warranty Details

EverGuard Chimney Lining Systems has been tested and approved
for venting heating appliances by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

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